October, 2014
TCS has announced the launch of TCS Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd. The new entity will overlook operations of 14 businesses of the TCS group.

M.A. Mannan, a leading corporate professional, has been named as the President and CEO of TCS Holdings. Khalid Awan, Chairman of TCS Holdings has outlined a future vision of TCS, which encompasses harnessing the enormous potential of the country and seizing the opportunity to become a prominent player in the economy of Pakistan. He sees customers as being the focus of everything that TCS does and would like to add further value to their lives by spreading the reach and radius of the company’s operations even wider.

Mannan says he shares the vision of the Chairman and is thrilled about his leadership role, seeing it as another challenge in continuation of the ones he had faced in his career earlier. He says he knows the excitement of taking on demanding tasks. In his view, the TCS platform would be a game changer in the near future. For this reason, he wants to move quickly and make TCS a pioneer of change in the industry. He hopes that with the help of the TCS Chairman, Khalid Awan, and his other colleagues, he would transform the company into an even more vibrant and dynamic organization.
Pakistani film director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy has been named by Asia Society as a 2014 Asia Game Changer. The award recognizes those making a transformative and positive difference for the future of Asia and the world.

The honorees will attend the Asia Game Changer Awards Dinner and Celebration at the United Nations on October 16, 2014. Jack Ma, named Asia Game Changer of the Year, will give an address to the gathering. The evening will also feature a special video address from Malala Yousafzai and a live performance by Playing For Change.

The National Highways and Motorway Police (NH&MP) and Nestlé Pakistan have jointly set up a Road Safety Institute.

This is the second collaboration between Nestlé and the NH&MP. In 2009, the first Drivers’ Training Facility was established in Sheikhupura. So far 14,000 drivers from across the country have been trained.

The foundation for the institute – which will be located on the Super Highway – was laid by Zulfiqar Ahmed Cheema, the NH&MP Inspector General, and a team from Nestlé Pakistan.
“Nestlé Pakistan’s support to the institute reinforces its emphasis on the safety and well-being of the communities it operates in,” said Waqar Ahmad, the Head of Corporate Affairs at Nestlé Pakistan. “We need to focus on driver training to ensure safety of the general public and the drivers themselves.”

IG Zulfiqar Cheema expressed appreciation of Nestlé’s support for training of drivers. “We need organizations to step up just like Nestlé has. Road accident figures are increasing exponentially and imparting training to those behind the wheel can make a huge difference.”

The training facility will train Nestlé Pakistan’s drivers based in the southern part of the country and will also provide training to drivers of other public and corporate organizations in the region.

Toyota-Indus Motor Company handed over a relief consignment of Rs 5 million to the National Disaster Management Authority for the internally displaced persons (IDPs) affected by the military operation in North Waziristan.

Tariq Hussain Khan, General Manager HR & CSR, Indus Motor Company, handed over the humanitarian assistance to Chairman NDMA, Major General Saeed Aleem, to alleviate the sufferings of the affectees.

The consignment comprised ten truckloads of relief goods for the displaced persons. The goods included food items like flour, pulses, oil, salt and biscuits for the displaced persons in Bannu camps. Chairman NDMA thanked Indus Motor for the compassionate gesture and generous contribution to the noble cause.

One of the world’s leading mobile messaging platforms with 490 million users, LINE has become one of Pakistan’s most popular mobile messengers. LINE reached second position on the Top Free Applications Chart of Apple’s App Store on August 11, jumping a whopping 28 spots in just over three days.

As an advanced and fast evolving mobile messaging platform that enables unlimited free voice and video calling between all users, LINE enriches the mobile experience through a variety of communication, utility and lifestyle services. Its core messenger function is thoroughly integrated with various interactive elements such as Stickers, Home & Timeline and Official Accounts.
LINE can be enjoyed across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone and can be accessed on smartphones, tablets and PCs. LINE also provides an entire mobile ecosystem, enabling users to customize their mobile experience by downloading 24 additional LINE Family Apps such as LINE Selfie Camera, LINE whoscall and LINE DECO, as well as 40 blockbuster games including LINE Disney Tsum Tsum and many more.

 Designer Sana Salman has announced the launch of her ‘Summer 2014’ collection of formal and luxury pret wear. The new collection is currently available on customer order at the Sana Salman Studio located at Tipu Sultan Road in Karachi and will soon be available for online order through the multi-label store, Brand Central.

For “Summer 2014”, the designer label has drawn inspiration from the roots and rich culture of Pakistan. Featuring six unique designs in a soft palette, the collection celebrates the intricate needlework and artisanship which Pakistan is renowned for.

Sana Salman has incorporated the use of needlework, taarkashi and silk thread embroidery on long flowy jackets and short tapered shirts to create a line of formal pret wear which is ideal for weddings and formal events..



Director Afia Nathaniel’s first independent feature film ‘Dukhtar’ (daughter) premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

‘Dukhtar’ highlights the issue of child marriage and explores the intense drama of a mother’s frenzied search for a new life for her daughter with the help of an ex-mujahid truck driver played by Mohib Mirza. The film is set against the backdrop of the surreal landscapes and roads of Hunza, Skardu, Gilgit and Kallar Kahar, all the way to Lahore.

The cast features Samyia Mumtaz, Mohib Mirza, Saleha Aref, Asif Khan, Ajab Gul, Adnan Shah (Tipu), Abdullah Jan, Samina Ahmed and Omair Rana. Dukhtar was shot in 30 days in below freezing conditions with more than 200 extras and chase scenes filmed on the world’s highest roads.

Says Afia Nathaniel, writer, director and producer of ‘Dukhtar’: “It’s a great honour for a Pakistani film to be selected for Toronto. We hope audiences all over the world get to enjoy this beautiful film with a beautiful heart. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry. It will make you sit on the edge of the seat until the very last scene of the film. I am so looking forward to bringing ‘Dukhtar’ home right after Toronto.

Jane Schoettle, Programmer for Toronto International Film Festival said “Toronto International Film Festival is dedicated to presenting strong contemporary stories from around the world, and Afia Nathaniel’s ‘Dukhtar’’ is precisely that: a beautifully photographed, compelling story that is universally accessible. We are pleased to present the film in our Discovery section, where we aim to draw attention to this year’s most exciting emerging directorial talents, a category into which Afia Nathaniel most certainly fits.”

Slogan is a pioneering magazine that was launched in 1996 to cover the sectors of Advertising, Marketing, Media, Public Relations and Research. It is the only monthly magazine in Pakistan so far that covers these categories. The magazine has carried forward its mission all through the years with high quality coverage of the respective fields.

Now the magazine has instituted the Slogan Advertising Excellence Awards with the sole purpose of recognizing the excellent work produced by outstanding men and women in various disciplines of advertising. Awards will be given to companies and individuals for work produced in 2014. An independent jury headed by a chairman and members drawn from among highly respected professionals will be nominated to judge the awards.

Warid Telecom announced its 4G LTE plans at the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai. Ericsson is its sole 4G LTE network roll-out partner.

Muneer Farooqui, CEO Warid Telecom, said Ericsson will roll out Warid’s 4G LTE network throughout Pakistan. Warid will start its 4G services with a few major cities but services will soon reach more areas.

With this development, Warid has become one of the first few networks in the world to be shifted from 2G to 4G LTE technology directly. Now the customers of Warid Telecom in Pakistan will experience the mobile broadband revolution with high-speed data on the go.

The second batch of CMC staffers performed Haj this year under the Haj Scheme launched by the company in 2013.

The two employees are Muhammad Rasheed and Muhammad Iqbal. Both have been with the company for 16 years and are currently working as Office Assistants.
CMC is Pakistan’s leading PR and Integrated Communications company. It sends 2 employees every year to perform Haj.

Employees are selected on the basis of seniority of service in the company. All their Haj expenses are borne by the company.

When leaving for Haj, Mohammad Rasheed said he was very happy to be nominated by the company as it had always been his desire to perform Haj. Muhammad Iqbal also looked forward to his journey to the Holy Land and hoped that after performing Haj, he would follow the tenets of Islam with even greater devotion.

The two CMC staffers nominated for Haj in 2015 are Haroon Rasheed, who has been a Creative Manager with the company for the past 14 years and Ghazanfar Ali who has served CMC as an Office Assistant for 13 years. The two employees sent for Haj by CMC in 2013 were Aqamuddin Khan and Naseem Ahmed

Veteran journalist Mahmood Sham has launched ‘Atraaf’ – a monthly magazine in Urdu covering politics, society, entertainment and life in general. ‘Atraaf’ means ‘surroundings’ in Urdu.

In publishing the magazine, Mahmood Sham has realized the need for a general interest publication in Urdu that could fill the gaping need for an interesting and current read. The magazine has everything – from the direction in which Pakistan is going to the travails of Nawaz Sharif and from the social ills created by terrorism to a profile of the Indian prime minister, a discussion on crime in Pakistani cities, the status of Pak Army’s educational institutions, time management issues, business, art, fiction and showbiz.

Today’s computer technology offers so many creative possibilities in terms of developing a visual identity. Therefore, instead of sticking to conventional page design, ‘Atraaf’ could have made good use of infographics based on a distinctive visual image. It could also do with more coherence in the arrangement of contents rather than presenting a jumbled up look.  

Priced at Rs. 200, the magazine should soon become a permanent fixture in your reading list.

Daily  Dawn has appointed an internal ombudsman known as Dawn Readers’ Editor (DRE).

Muhammad Ali Siddiqi, a senior Dawn staffer has been appointed as the newspaper’s first DRE. The idea is to attend to readers’ complaints and to respond to them professionally.
All clarifications, contradictions, corrections and complaints will be sent to the DRE who will note any alleged violations of Dawn’s code of ethics, based on internationally recognized journalistic values and ethic.

The DRE will convey his observations/suggestions to the Editor for the final decision. In case the final decision requires the publishing of any clarification, modification, contradiction or apology. The DRE can be contacted on readers.editor@dawn.com

Carmudi and Roshni Homes Trust presented ‘My First Bike’ on September 4, 2014 at the Eastern Marquee in Lahore where Possibilities held a group exercise to assemble bikes and donate them to underprivileged children. The event aimed to donate to the children their first ever bikes. The event was attended by Erwin Sikma, Global MD, Carmudi, Ali Izhar, MD, Carmudi Pakistan, Ahmed Dar, President, Roshni Homes, Khawaja Shirjeel, Director Fundraising, Roshni Homes Trust, Qaiser Abbas (Leadership and Team Coach Possibilities and others.

Said Ali Izhar, “Associations with such organizations help us collectively make a social impact in terms of welfare and they give us a chance to give back to the society. We at Carmudi strongly believe that happy children make for a happy future!”

Carmudi is one of the leading online vehicle platforms in Pakistan, offering private customers, car dealers and other partners a car trading platform that helps them sell and find cars, motorcycles or commercial vehicles in an easy and effective manner.
‘Possibilities’ is a leading Management Development & Consulting company operating both locally and internationally.

Roshni Homes Trust is an orphanage established in 2002. It aims to provide quality life to orphan children


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said his company is working on drone prototypes that could deliver packages to doorsteps. Google has similar plans for drones while DHL has announced it will begin delivering medical supplies using drones in Germany.

There’s a chance these types of deliveries will remain highly specialized. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been cracking down on the still largely unregulated technology. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of marketers and innovators out there thinking of new ways to use drones.

Mall businesses and major corporations alike have been using the machines to advertise products. In January, Minneapolis-based Lakemaid Beer released an ad showing off a real-life service it created to ship beer to ice fishers on Minnesota’s Lake Waconia. Four months later, Coca-Cola put its own twist on this strategy in an ad outside the domain of the FAA
Of course delivery stunts aren’t the only way brands have been using drones.In a particularly creative move in 2013, Paramount Pictures promoted its “Star Trek Into Darkness” film by flying a group of drones over the River Thames in London.

Lighted against the night sky, the glowing drones formed the shape of the Star Trek logo.
And in Russia, the noodle shop chain Wokker used drones to carry small fliers past the windows of Moscow office buildings, promoting the shop’s lunch specials just as workers were getting ready to eat. Hungry Boys, the advertising agency that created the campaign, says it increased sales by 40%.

Neal Burns, an advertising professor at the University of Texas, Austin, thinks drone advertising could become more popular but not beyond a niche market, since it’s so high risk. All it takes is for one accident — where a drone failure leads to an injury — to kill the entire industry.

Just a few years ago, it seemed the media industry was in trouble as newspapers shuttered, publishers scrambled, and presses went quiet. Today, the thing that seemed doomed to kill content - the internet - is feeding its growth and cementing its value.

Tired of dwelling on the death of print, creators of all kinds are exploring the unique opportunities afforded by digital. They are taking advantage of flexible media like YouTube, Tumblr, and Vine to directly shape and share their stories through technology. Some of the most well known journalists, who for years filled print pages with content, are striking out to play in the more expansive digital world.

And content is no longer just the domain of publishers. Content is being produced in the most unlikely of places - like the company whose sole product is an energy drink, who flew a man to the edge of space just so the world could watch him jump.
These creators are weaving a digital content web to explore the strange and magical threads that connect the world’s stories.

This explosion of content creates a unique challenge: how to stay informed, to find signals through the noise, all while fighting our fear of missing out.

Content is being produced at a record pace - with no slowdown in sight - and yet we still expect to discover content we can trust to be interesting, relevant, and timely. ‘One size fits all’ no longer satisfies the marketplace. Each individual’s expectations are different, their perception of “interesting” unique.

Outbrain is a content recommendation platform. For the past several years, it has worked with tens of thousands of premium publishers to connect individuals with the most interesting content on the web. The platform serves over 6 billion recommendations to hundreds of millions of people every day.

Outbrain loves technology: most of its over 350 employees are engineers and invested in R&D. But more than that, we love content. We spend our days exploring new websites, reading the latest from our favorite writers, getting carried away by breathtaking new videos. We’re trying to take in all these stories. In reality, we face the same challenge as you - and we’re eager to develop solutions.

We want to increase the amount of quality content consumed online through simple, streamlined discovery
Our years of experience have allowed us to start building a unique, complex understanding of the web’s spheres of interest, and how to make recommendations based on those signals. We do this by balancing personalization with intelligent serendipity. Much like the experience of reading your favourite magazine, the most interesting next story is often unrelated to what came before. Readers don’t want to be told what to like: we want to discover, to make new connections. Outbrain’s mission is to serve you the best new content, in line with your interests and with room for something new.

More simply: We’re trying to connect the dots. We want to narrow the discovery experience even as we widen our view of the world.

Every day we’re learning something new. We need to continually push ourselves in order to satisfy our partners and readers. It’s clear we’ve only scratched the surface of pinpointing what an ideal content discovery experience should be.

We don’t have all the answers, but we do think there’s a better way forward.

Selena Gomez and Christiano Ronaldo are among celebrities that are the most engaged online, according to a new study by Interpublic Group of Cos.’ PR and talent shop PMK-BNC.

The Celebrity Digital Strength Index measures the digital presence of 750 celebrities across disciplines including acting, athletics, music, comedy and video on YouTube. The shop ranked the top 10 in each category and the top 10 overall based on social following and engagement metrics for both the talent and their followers. Scoring was based on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most engaged and having the strongest following in social and digital media. Here’s what the index found:

Musicians scored the highest, accounting for 89% of all talent that scored a perfect 10, hijacking the overall ranking. Within each category, more granular information merged. Women didn’t make it onto the list of the top 10 most digitally engaged athletes, and the guys on the list were global athletes. The list of the top 10 actors, however, swung back in favor of females. Of the top 10 women, eight rose to prominence on a network featuring a younger audience, such as Disney or Nickelodeon, according to the report.


Government advertising has a reputation for being creatively stagnant, but the Hong Kong Deposit Protection Board is looking to change this.

The board has rolled out a new TV commercial via independent creative outfit Twohundred Limited, to raise interest about its offerings as well as to enhance audiences’ understanding and confidence in the board in a comical way.
Featuring Kam Kong and Chu Suet Mui, popular broadcasters from Commercial Radio 1, the campaign spans mainly television and OOH.

“Finance and deposit have been widely considered as something tedious. So in this spot we try to add some fun and adopt elements that speak to local’s heart at its simplest way,” Derek Wong, founder of Twohundred Limited said.

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer and the author of ‘Lean In’, has explored gender roles in global campaigns.

She says that despite cultural differences, stereotypes of women are a global barrier and the industry has a duty to celebrate advertising that breaks them down. At an Advertising Week discussion, Sheryl discussed several ad campaigns that reinforce positive images of women, such as Verizon’s “inspire her mind” and Under Armour’s “I will what I want.”

She said that stereotypes exist and despite differences in cultures, these stereotypes are similar everywhere in the world. In her view, the general belief is that men lead and women are followers.

She also pointed out that only around three per cent of creative directors in the US are women. “Despite the great progress women have made, there is real stagnation at the top,” she said.

For a pure-play beauty marketer, L’Oréal is plenty complex, carved into divisions for luxury brands such as Lancôme, salon professional brands like Matrix, mass cosmetics, retail and more. Even its U.S. mass business is divided into divisions for L’Oréal Paris and Maybelline-Garnier. Few executives and none of its agencies have duties spanning all the divides.
Tag Creative, a low-profile New York-based shop helps provide some of the cultural glue that keeps the far-flung company together. It’s a relationship that’s unique both within L’Oréal and in the broader world of heavily siloed multibrand packaged-goods empires.

While its work often isn’t the final product consumers see, Tag (not to be confused with the London-based digital agency of the same name) has helped shape marketing for just about every L’Oréal division over the past two decades.

That includes the flagship L’Oréal Paris brand Maybelline, since it became part of L’Oréal in 1995; the La Roche-Posay brand in the Active Cosmetics division; Kiehl’s, both in the U.S. and in its global rollouts in such markets as India; and Essie nail care and Urban Decay cosmetics, upon their acquisitions in 2010 and 2013, respectively. Tag also developed the strategy and content behind the ground-up launch of the Em by Michelle Phan e-commerce brand last year.

Sometimes that work has involved consumer TV or digital video advertising. But often it simply means helping establish brand strategy or internal presentations for annual L’Oréal corporate meetings known for their attention to production values. Regardless of the scope,
Tag’s long track record at L’Oréal makes it a sort of external keeper of the culture. Tag’s ability to both “understand a brand’s DNA” and how L’Oréal works makes it useful in the process of integrating newly acquired brands -- a role it’s played with Essie and Urban Decay as both got off to strong starts following their respective acquisitions.

Take off your marketing caps for a moment, and just think about the last time you bought something. As a consumer, what type of content do you seek out when making a purchase decision? Do you trust advertising and the claims that brands make? Or do you prefer to read unbiased, third-party articles and reviews by trusted experts?
A recent Nielsen study pursued that exact question, to determine which type of content had the greatest impact on the consumer decision-making process. The study compared the effectiveness of three kinds of content – Expert Content (credible, third-party articles and reviews), User-Generated Content (review from users, like on Amazon), and Branded Content (any content developed or owned by the brand).

These content types were measured for their ability to provide lift across three stages of the consumer purchase process - Brand Familiarity, Brand Affinity and Purchase Intent.

Ultimately, Nielsen found that Expert Content was the only type of content that provided a lift across every stage of the consumer buying cycle. The study showed that the credibility and unbiased nature of third-party articles and reviews were critical to their impact on the consumer’s decision-making process.

Joy after a year of sacrifice and uncertainty
Sit back and take four minutes to watch this lovely ad by Pampers Japan.

Titled “Mom’s First Birthday,” it celebrates a big milestone in a new mom’s life — her baby’s one-year checkup. The brand partnered with some dads to surprise some moms, and the result is sweet and heartwarming.

What really thaws your cold, hard heart is how earnest everyone seems. All these moms have just spent the past year sacrificing sleep and sanity, dealing with uncertainties and fears, and when they walk out of that milestone doctor’s appointment, well … let’s not spoil it for you.

Two poster adverts for Ladbrokes have been banned on the grounds that they “condoned an irresponsible attitude towards gambling”.

One showed a character nicknamed Mr Brightside with the slogan: “When you win it’s skill - when you lose it’s bad luck.” The other read: “Once is luck - twice is talent.”

There were 98 complaints to Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about the bookmaker’s wider multi-media campaign, which featured five friends and carried the tagline:

“They are the dreamers, the glory-seekers, the back-page philosophers, the Wednesday night warriors. They are the have-a-go heroes of Saturday afternoon. They are the betting men, and this is the Ladbrokes Life.”

Ladbrokes said it believed most consumers, viewing the ads as a whole, would recognize their dryly humorous tone and would not interpret them as encouraging an irresponsible attitude towards gambling.

The ASA agreed that most people would not interpret the ads to imply that gambling would confer admiration or enhance personal qualities.

But it upheld the specific complaints about the two posters because, in its view, they lacked the same degree of context as the overall campaign.

Euronews, the most-watched news channel in Europe, has now launched the live TV streaming service, TVPlayer.
Covering world news and broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Euronews live currently reaches 415 million households in 156 countries.

The launch of Euronews on TVPlayer will bring around-the-clock coverage of the most up-to-date news, business and current affair stories, as well as lifestyle features, to a wider audience in the UK across multiple devices.

Following the trend of marketers becoming publishers, Marriott International is launching a global creative and content marketing studio to handle internal work for its portfolio of 18 travel-related brands.

As the largest hotel chain in the world, Marriott aims to leverage its expertise on travel. Similar to the approach that Red Bull and GoPro take with action sports, Marriott wants to own the travel entertainment space—and, in turn, gain the recognition as a trusted source for all travel needs.
The in-house division will have three parts: content development, which will be the personal creative agency; production, or the entertainment division responsible for video content ranging from Web clips to TV shows; and distribution, a real-time marketing group that will monitor social media to ensure immediate interaction with trending topics. Marriott will continue to work with external agencies and other production companies as needed.

An emphasis on fresh ingredients and different types of food have led both Taco Bell and Wendy’s to mix up their approaches to fast-casual food over typical fast-food.

The retail idea takes advantage of the foodie craze that’s turned practically everyone into a cuisine connoisseur. Taco Bell has opened a string of concept stores that break out of the chain’s reputation for cheap and quick Mexican food. The brand has opened a restaurant called U.S. Taco in Huntington Beach, Calif., to test out a new upscale Mexican food concept.

Food is also prepared with smartphone-toting diners in mind, who have a tendency to take pictures of their meals at higher-end restaurants. Open-face tacos are served on soft tortillas with ingredients piled on top, and plates sit on aluminum platters. “We know that people eat with their eyes in today’s world, but they also actually eat with their cameras,” Jenkins said.
To set up the restaurant as an experience that is about more than food, glass walls let consumers see how the food is prepared. In lieu of the traditional numbers that are placed on tables, diners set a physical license plate on their tables.

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