March, 2021

The Modern-Day Woman

As the year draws close to International Women's Day ‐ celebrated on 8th March globally ‐ one of the leading clothing brand in Pakistan, Nishat Linen takes an initiative to celebrate and honour the strong, resilient and multitalented women of Pakistan. Nishat Linen Spring/Summer'21 campaign is featuring women who have the title of 'Wife, Mom and Boss' and are successfully juggling all the roles.


Rejuvenating Tourism

Once thought of as one of the world�s most dangerous countries, Pakistan is back in the spotlight, but this time as a budding tourist destination. The government — led by former cricket star Imran Khan — has an amazing opportunity to leverage this interest into economic development, but in a country prized for its natural beauty, sustainable growth must be a priority.

Tourists have long been drawn to Pakistan to experience a country that boasts rugged natural beauty, cultural richness, and unparalleled hospitality. But Pakistan’s massive tourism potential, touting everything from the world’s second-highest mountain to impressive archeological ruins dating back to the 10th century, has been overshadowed by safety concerns and regional instability.

Yet in recent years the country has been heavily invested in growing its tourism industry. And Pakistan has been lauded by publications like Forbes and Condé Nast Traveler as a top destination for 2020 and even received a highly publicized visit from Prince William and Kate Middleton last October.

Unfortunately, Pakistan’s tourism industry took a toll due to COVID-19. The KP Tourism Department Spokesperson Latif-ur-Rehman has previously revealed that the province lost Rs10 billion due to the pandemic. As predicted, the lockdown for many months and all-out restrictions on travel hit the industry hard.

Many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operating in the tourism sector are significantly affected by the measures that the government took against the spread of the pandemic. Apart from the financial losses the industry experienced, many people dependent on tourism activities for their livelihood are now unemployed. They and their families have become extremely vulnerable, as they are jobless. The government must intervene and take adequate measures to save them so that the tourism sector can recover swiftly.

While the sector is recovering, the government must bring further improvements to the industry. The Punjab government’s launching of ‘Punjab Tourism’ app is a great initiative. Facilitating travellers through an app will undoubtedly boost local as well as international tourism in the province. Other provincial governments must follow suit.

Being one of his priority economic sectors, Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan needs to evaluate the present situation of the tourism industry. World Tourism Day observed on September 27 highlighted the grievances of the sector, the urgent need for it to regain momentum and the possible improvements in the industry. Without solving these outstanding issues, transforming Pakistan into heaven for tourists will remain an unrealised dream.

Undoubtedly, Pakistan�s landscape is exceptionally diverse. From lofty highlands to rich alluvial savannahs of Punjab, from vast deserts to the almost untouched shores, Pakistan’s landscapes are just as good, if not better, as compared to tourist countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. The federal and provincial governments can capitalise on our natural diversity to make tourism a chief source of revenue.

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