October, 2018

Khawar Butt - From Cricket Star to Corporate Star

By Javed Jabbar

Khawar Butt combines remarkable attributes. He is an eminent success in the corporate sector, is exceptionally self-effacing, sometimes even reclusive.

He is a dynamic business leader equally driven by goals of profit as much as by ethical values. Deeply devoted to his core family, he lovingly cares for his wife - a distinct individual in her own right - and four gifted daughters. With a legacy of simplicity and integrity given to him by his parents, reinforced by affectionate siblings, he is sensitive for the larger community and nation of which he is proud to be a part.


Fighting the Cyber War

This is the age of fake news. Social media is growing in exponential terms and there are many who are exploiting the various social media vehicles to spread the kind of information that suits their convenience. There are organizations in Pakistan and all over the world that are working full-time to propagate the sort of information they wish to drive forward and the best part is that there are no means by which their activities can be kept in check. Some media outlets battle to publish stories to generate more sales, some work to spread unnecessary sensation while others focus on furthering a particular political agenda that puts all good work to naught and spreads rumours that have no basis. Major online platforms like Google and Facebook are working to fight fake news but no stops appear to be in sight. It is good, therefore, that Pakistan’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has launched a twitter account to “tackle and expose” fake news spread through the social media. Called ‘FakeNewsBusterMoIB,’ it has been created to fight the spread of false information and will officially respond in a timely manner to false propaganda that is spread through social media.

The manner in which the internet and computer technology have grown in just the past few years has also given way to many forms of cybercrime. This is an activity that impacts all walks of life, from the financial and banking sector to stock exchanges, air traffic control, telephones, electric power, health care, welfare and education. The decrease in costs of the use of computers is important, along with their tremendously bigger capacity and advanced accessibility aspects. No wonder then that the cyber industry is changing human civilization in a revolutionary manner in such a short time. From the simple e-mail, cybercrime has moved to theft of information, crashing servers and much more. The unwanted advertisements that appear on computers or on smartphones are just one irritant. It is this ease of transferring information that has made cyber piracy a serious threat in the form of illegal reproduction and distribution of software applications, games, films, graphic material, authors’ copyrights, audio recordings, etc. and is causing huge losses to individuals and industries.

Hacking is a word that has entered the lexicon as an act that represents serious crime. At the other end, the hacker is simply a computer user who misuses his vast knowledge. People are subjected to virus attacks that may just say “I love you” but end up destroying all the information in their computer. This new form of fraud, thefts and harassment has an angle that is pushed forward by social networking sites like twitter and Facebook. It is only a pity that while much of the developed world has already taken measures to combat cyber crime, there are still many countries that are only waking up to the menace and are finding, to their utter distress, that such crime poses serious threats to both business and individual interests. The menace of cyber terrorism is also raising its ugly head in many parts of the world, leading to violence and exploitation for political, religious and ideological objectives. When cyber terrorists aim to attack an information system, they can do so in a few minutes or seconds. The internet then becomes a convenient tool in the hands of these cyber terrorists and they can operate from anywhere in the world. Terrorists can also now easily transfer money from banks and render untold damage to a country’s economy and infrastructure through different methods.

In fact, cyber terrorism is a challenge that must be tackled quite seriously because the most sensitive information concerning an individual, a company or even the state can get into the hands of terrorists and thieves. While converting from manual systems to computer systems is a great boon and has amazing advantages, it must be done with discretion and all databases must have a fallback system. This is an area that the corporate sector has now started looking at very seriously. Hardware and software systems are being set up that serve as a backup to the main system. If a failure occurs in the primary system, the fallback system takes over. The world may celebrate the fact that inter-connection has shrunk geographical distances but it is also a fact that this same inter-connection has increased cybercrime which is becoming more sophisticated every day. It is good to know that the Pakistan Government is also looking at the hazards of cybercrime seriously and is drawing up rules and procedures to fight the cyber war with suitable software and knowhow.


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